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"Even though April likes to beat her employees and some of the customers, my personal experience was quite pleasant! "
By: Bro    Olympia, WA

"Hi! I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my new suspension! It honestly feels like a completely different motorcycle - it is a night and day difference from what I had before! I didn't want to stop riding last night after driving all the way up from Auburn to Mill Creek... Thanks very much, I will recommend your shop to anybody who will listen. Have a good weekend, - Darren"
By: Darren    WA

"Well, I'm just pretty darn happy with my new suspension. It's brought a whole new dimension to my riding. Since I'm coming from years of big-bore sport touring bikes, having a bike that truly handles well is a revelation. I'm very happy with the set-up. No more "chicken strips"! Talk about even tire wear! One complaint, though. You guys should have warned me about the added costs of doing this upgrade. In 2 one-hour sessions of parking lot practise I have ground through the face of a brand new set of knee pucks, ground 3/4" off my brand new touring footpegs and ground the feelers off my stock pegs. I also have some nicks on the leading edge of my muffler! HOLY COW! - this could get expensive! Thanks again! Mike Schunk"
By: Mike    Tacoma, WA

"Ben Getz-Owner/Operator of Ben-Wa Diversified Services, Moses Lake, WA Street and Track rider for 35 years. Current Bike: 2005 Kawasaki ZX-10R (Modified Naked) What does one do after spending 6 seasons and 30,000 very enjoyable miles on their machine? Does it need more power? Hardly. How about better brakes or tires? Easy fixes. What about that tired stock suspension? Now we might be on to something! When you reach the point where you still want to keep the bike you have, but feel you are not quite getting the same performance as when new, why not spend a fraction of the cost of a new bike on that sagging suspension? This is where KFG Racing absolutely shines. Working with your stock components, they can totally rebuild, re-valve and upgrading the internals for your specific riding style, weight, and needs. It will noticeably transform the riding experience you have probably come to accept as the norm. Properly set up and professionally tuned suspension is a major key to keeping your tires and that tiny contact patch, what separates your hide from the asphalt, in touch and communicating the feedback performance riders require. Barry and April Wressell at the helm of KFG Racing are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, polite, and more than willing to help you get the most out of your stock suspension, or fill the total suspension upgrade needs for serious riders and racers. They have a quick turn round time and are very up front when working with you, the customer. When it comes to the best Bang for the Buck enhancements to your modern sport bike, (or any motorcycle for that matter), KFG Suspension tuning is one of the best investments you could make! Regards, Ben"
By: Ben    Moses Lake, WA

"Please pass this along to Barry (even if he already knows what great work he does!) Installed the forks today and took it for a short ride. Excellent setup, the cartridges made for a much more compliant ride, and yet still had plenty enough rebound as far as I can tell. I could feel the valving allowed the oil to do some of the work, taking the strain off the springs. Lots more oil flow. Greatly reduced dive was nice too, no full-on stops and my band got to 1 inch above the line on the left fork leg. (I assume it should not get below that black line?) Very confidence insipiring, and definitely had the famous KFG! Thanks to you both, Pete Perron"
By: Pete    WA

"After bolting on new suspension, Barry helped setup my bike in just 3 sessions that ran at track record pace and won the opening round of AFM's Formula Pacific. His professionalism and meticulous attention to detail, regarding suspension builds & knowledge of setup, made fast laps come easy. Barry relates incredibly well to rider feedback, dealing with handling issues, which really helps expedite setup time. He has a great attitude and remarkable sense of humor. I'm really excited to bring Barry down for the PTT riders." - Michael Earnest, AFM #26 and General Manager of PTT"
By: Michael    CA